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SkyAngels requires volunteers across the UK. Help us from home, at our JetHub and airports across the United Kingdom. Fundraising, events, medical volunteer crews, its up to YOU.

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The United Kingdoms Only Jet Equipped Air Ambulance Charity
Charity Number: 1168225: Reg England & Wales

Mission Statement

Funded & Flying on behalf of the General Public....
The United Kingdom's First Jet Air Ambulance Charity. 1168225

SkyAngels Air Ambulance has been formed to provide the United Kingdom with its first national jet aircraft air ambulance charity. Our jets will give the NHS an extra air ambulance option and bring us in-line with all other developed countries.
Funded & Flying on behalf of the general public, supporting the NHS, flying missions across the United Kingdom with a fleet of wide-bodied, twin engined, fully equipped medical jets.
Helping the NHS patient transfer system to quickly, efficiently and safely transfer patients by air.
First planned NHS missions start in 2017. Planned fleet requirements for the UK include 3 of these jets. Help us to fly and support the NHS!
Registered in England & Wales: Charity Number: 1168225

  • Number of Jets Planned

    United Kingdom

  • UK Inter-Hospital Coverage

    United Kingdom [National Programme]

  • International Repatriations

    234 Countries...

  • Alliance of Air Ambulance Operators

    400+ Aircraft & Helicopters Worldwide

SkyAngels HQ Crew

We have crews based across the world: UK: USA: Europe: Asia/Pacific: Latin America: Caribbean: Middle East: Africa
David Polo Marks
David Polo Marks
Pilot [H] Chief Exec/AirBoss
SkyAngels Callsign “Polo”
Ashley Wings Stowell
Ashley Wings Stowell
Director AeroMedical/Operations UK AirGroup
SkyAngels Callsign “Wings”
Jed Jedi Ingham
Jed Jedi Ingham
Director Operations
Two AirGroup
SkyAngels Callsign “Jedi”
Andy Ginger Collin
Andy Ginger Collin
Director Operations
One AirGroup
SkyAngels Callsign “Ginger”

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Guaranteed Air Ambulance Flights When You and Your Family Need It The Most....Repatriations From 234 Countries….Flight Fees Include A Donation To Help Us Fly For The NHS For FREE…
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