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SkyAngels Air Ambulance
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Patient Air Transfer Service [ PATS ] Funded by Donations & Global Medical Flights 




Typical UK mission transfer time 21 mins by air, 3hrs+ by road

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Support us so we can cover as many mission requests as possible




Covering the United Kingdom 95,530 sq miles

SkyAngels Air AmbulanceSkyAngels Air Ambulance

Support our SkyAngels replacement jet aircraft JustGiving appeal 2023/24

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How you can support us…

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Community Support

There are so many ways that you can raise funds for SkyAngels Air Ambulance Charity in your own community across the United Kingdom and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Events | Volunteer | Join Us
This is Jenny on her first skydive raising funds for us…Love you Jenny! Polo

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Corporate Collabration

We are calling on businesses across the United Kingdom to collaborate with us to support the future fleet planning of SkyAngels Air Ambulance, a life-saving charity which could one day save the life of someone you know. You could sponsor us? Why not make us your charity of the year? We can make your CSR goals take off and fly…

SkyAngels Air Ambulance


Would you like your name or company name on the aircraft or helicopter you have helped to fund or even totally funded? Did you know in WW11, weathly individuals and families donated Hurricanes and Spitfires to the RAF, could you manage that for us? Be the first donate an ANGEL…A SkyAngel

SkyAngels Learjet 60

Our major projects | In service programmes…

Select the project / programme you wish to support… 

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

AW-109SP – [ Charlie ]

Charlie is one of the fastest helicopters in the world. Fully HEMS equipped with mission specific floatation gear. Funds required for Charlie £0.5M in 2023/24. Heli-deck to heli-deck inter-hospital transfers. In service now

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Pilatus PC-12 – [ Emma | Freddy ]

Emma and Freddy both require a medical upgrade fit, Lifeport system has won the contest. Lifeport has over 30 years of experience in military and civilian applications. Funds required for Emma and Freddy  £0.25M. 

SkyAngels Air Ambulance

PAL-V Liberty – [ Douglas ]

A flying revolution is coming…and we are helping to lead it. We are the first air ambulance in the world to confirm a paid reservation and delivery slot..No:19. Douglas will become the first RRV in the world late 2024/25

SkyAngels Air Ambulance Help us to take off

Learjet 60 – [ Names TBA in 2024 ]

Crew: 2 Pilots + 2 Medical
Capacity: 2-4 PAX + 1-2 Stretchers
Cruise speed: 522 mph fast cruise
Range: 2,773 miles
Service ceiling: 51,000 ft 
We could fly 2+ of these aircraft vs 1 helicopter

Family testimonials…

Thank you so much for rescuing our 91 year old mother from Bulgaria. ” Wings ” was fantastic and even stopped the hospital from operating on her without the correct medication. Big thank you to Wizzair and SkyAngels for bringing mum home. And “Polo” even meet us at the airport back in the UK

Family name withheld due to our commitment to privacy for our patients and families
SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Our son had a skiing accident in France. The SkyAngels flight team at Norwich Airport kept us calm and informed. They offered 3 options to bring him home when suddenly the French authorites decided to place our son onto an airline and fly him back to the UK without notifying us until he was on the plane! And without a medical escort. Either our family nor SkyAngels were happy that they took this course of action. It ended well in the end but we would have preferred SkyAngels to repatriate him. Donation sent, thank you again!

Family name withheld due to our commitment to privacy for our patients and families
SkyAngels Air Ambulance

My daughter was not looking forward to the 6 hour taxi trip from south London to Manchester after her operation. SkyAngels meet my daughter from the London hospital and flew her home to us. I think including the road ambulance to London City and the flight it took just 1 hour. Just fantastic, SkyAngels kept us informed all the way and with their GPS flight tracking I was able to watch the flight all the way! A big thank you…

Family name withheld due to our commitment to privacy for our patients and families
SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Our new charity lottery flies in 2024…

Just £1 ticket and you could win up to £1,000 each

week with a top prize of £25,000!

SkyAngels Learjet 60

Operational partners…

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Fundraising partners…

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