SkyAngels Air Ambulance: Charity Number: 1168225 Reg: England & Wales

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Our charity receives no Government funds and has received no lottery funding. Thank you in advance….HQ Crew

The UK Requirement

The Problem:

Across the United Kingdom, the NHS transfers thousands of patients by road every month. Hundreds of these are classed as high dependency medical transfers, transferring patients from one NHS Trust to another for operations and specialist care

These transfers can take hours by road and cost thousands of pounds

Each road ambulance will usually take only one patient at a time, thereby increasing costs and times for transfers

SkyAngels feels that this situation will only become more acute over the next few years...

SkyAngels Solution

The Solution:

A dedicated National fixed-winged air ambulance charity

Every European Country has this capability including Scotland, where NHS Scotland has been funding 3 Beechcraft King Air aircraft (pic ) These turboprop fixed-winged air ambulance aircraft have been operating throughout Scotland successfully for over 10 years

Its' time for the rest of the United Kingdom, not only to catch up but to surpass the initial requirement and look to the future with SkyAngels Air Ambulance

Our aircraft planning includes 3 aircraft for the United Kingdom over the next few years, flying a mix of medium and long range wide-bodied aircraft as soon as possible


SkyAngels HQ Crew

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David Polo Marks BHX
Founder & AirBoss: Pilot [H]: 25 yrs experience within the Air Ambulance Community
Ashley Wings Stowell BHX
Clinical Lead Officer: Advanced Paramedic Practitioner
Tobes Expo Copeland BHX
Compliance Officer: Paramedic: Ex-Airline Cabin Crew
Andy Ginger Collin BHX
3 Air Group Officer: Admin & Operational Crew
Jed Jedi Ingram BHX
5 Air Group Officer: Royal Air Force Officer

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Our charity receives no Government funding and has received no lottery funding...Once fully operational, our charity will need £2M per year to fly on your behalf. 

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SkyAngels Operations Today…

Currently, in emergencies, we can scramble 5 aircraft in the UK and 10 across Europe from our preferred partner alliances...

These aircraft are Bombardier Learjets, Bombardier Challengers and Beechcraft King Airs

We are now in talks to purchase a Bombardier Learjet air ambulance aircraft for the UK, expected delivery is in 2020

In 2017 we signed an M.O.U to lease a Bombardier Challenger aircraft as soon as the charity funding permits with an option to purchase the aircraft and operate a mixed fleet of aircraft. The agreement allows us to operate this aircraft on an ad-hoc basis at the present time.

This gives us great operational flexibility...offering a mixed fleet to match current and future requirements...