Virtual Panel No-10342A

SkyAngels Virtual Panel No-30342A

SkyAngels Virtual Jet Panel

Donated And Approved By: David Paintin
Donor Location: UK
Dedication: If you wish to post up a dedication, please email us, we will do the rest!
Aircraft Panel Location: Port Tail Plane
Wow, thank you for your support...SkyAngels HQ Crew

SkyAngels Challenger 601 Aircraft

SkyAngels Challenger Aircraft

SkyAngels Air Ambulance. Charity No:1168225
Our fleet requirements are for three of these life-saving aircraft within the next five years, to cover the United Kingdom's population of 68M people.
Flying on your behalf and the NHS from 2018
It's a SkyAngels thing...

Potential Air Ambulance Fit

Our friends at Rega Air Ambulance operate three of these aircraft, serving a population of 8.5M people.
SkyAngels is proposing a similar air ambulance fit onto our aircraft, covering a population of 68M people.
Another first in Europe is the electric-powered stretcher loading ramp which is on our wish-list...for a cool, £30,000 each!
Our Spectrum Aeromed Ambulance Modules ( Life-ports ) cost £60,000 each and we fly with 2 of these as standard.
In a high-density fit, we can carry up to 8 double-decker stretchers...
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