Virtual Panel No-10004A

SkyAngels Virtual Panel No-10004A

SkyAngels Virtual Jet Panel

Donated And Approved By: Tony Griffiths
Donor Location: UK
Dedication: If you wish to post up a dedication, please email us, we will do the rest!
Aircraft Panel Location: Port Tail Plane
Wow, thank you for your support...SkyAngels HQ Crew

SkyAngels Challenger 601 Aircraft

SkyAngels Challenger Aircraft

SkyAngels Air Ambulance. Charity No:1168225
Our fleet requirements are for three of these unique aircraft within the next five years, to cover the United Kingdom's population of 68M people.
Flying on your behalf and the NHS from 2018
It's a SkyAngels thing...

Potential Air Ambulance Fit

Our friends at Rega Air Ambulance operate three of these aircraft, serving a population of just 8.5M people.
SkyAngels is proposing a similar air ambulance fit onto our first aircraft, covering a population of 68M people.
Another first in Europe is the electric-powered stretcher loading ramp which is on our wish-list...for a cool, £30,000 each!
Each of our Spectrum Aeromed Ambulance Modules ( Life-ports ) cost £60,000...Polo #SkyAngelsAirBoss