Cat PetICE Card Pack



1 x CAT PetICE card with writable reverse for multiple emergency contacts and Vet details
2 x Matching key rings with WRITE ON panels on the reverse of each key ring for a single emergency contact
2 x Matching stickers – One large and one small

1 x CAT PetICE Window Cling – SKU1211

1 x CAT Static Cling Window Sticker

You must have some of these….Pets love them, our crews love them…Polo #SkyAngelsAirBoss #AirAmbulance

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CAT PetICE Card Pack

Pet Emergency

If you become ill or injured then make sure your cat(s) are cared for:-

A PetICE card is a card you carry with you everywhere you go. If you are ever in an emergency situation and are unable to speak for yourself, your PetICE card contains the contact details of the people you’ve selected to be notified to look after your pets so you know they will be well cared for. Cards are supplied in packs with matching Key Rings which help to alert first responders that you are carrying a PetICE card.

The card is made of durable PVC with a fully writable reverse surface. Card dimensions are 54 x 86mm with a thickness of only 0.76mm (Same as your bank card). The words ‘IN CASE OF EMERGENCY’ are displayed in bright, bold text along the top right hand corner of the card along with the International (ISO) symbol for First Aid.

if there is a fire or similar emergency in your home then make sure your cat(s) are cared for if you are not there
Protect your Cat(s) against house fires etc when you are away from home. Our window stickers will warn emergency services that there are live pets in your home.

You can write on the sticker with either a permanent marker or by pressing very lightly with a ballpoint pen - this will advise the emergency services as to how many dogs you have in your home.

There is no adhesive involved - the sticker can be removed or moved at any point - the sticker adheres to the window using just static - place it on the INSIDE of the window, facing OUTWARDS, and then just gently rub it all over until it sticks to the window. Rub it slightly on your jumper/clothing to charge it a little if it does not stick well the first time.

You must have some of these....Pets love them, our crews love them....It's a SkyAngels thing.....Polo #SkyAngelsAirBoss #AirAmbulance

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