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Helpie FAQ

Adopt Alice FAQ

  • Can I make this adoption a gift?

    Of course…just add the correct name for the adoption & panel certificate

  • Can I adopt more than one panel?

    Yes, you can adopt as many panels as you wish

  • How do I add Gift-Aid?

    During the check out process tick the Gift-Aid addition…Its free to use!

  • How long does my adoption last?

    If donating by monthly direct debit, your adoption is on a monthly basis. You can stop it anytime by notify us or your bank. If donating on an annual basis then your adoption will last every 12 months

  • Is this a legal adoption?

    Afraid not….our adoption plans are charity donation plans to enable us to fly within the UK. We hope you like this interesting way to donate and support us

  • I don't live in the UK, can I still adopt Alice?

    Of course, but you will need to click the annual adoption. You cannot claim Gift-Aid unless you are a UK tax payer

  • Does SkyAngels receive any Government monies?

    Short answer is no….

  • How much does it cost to fly Alice?

    £2,500 per flying hour or £2million per year

  • How long does it take for my adoption pack to arrive?

    As your pack contains personalised products, ie Certificate it can take 14 days to arrive through the post. If you include your email address we will send you a pdf of the certificate within 2 days

  • My adoption pack has not arrived?

    Please contact us on: 0844 318 0999 ( Switchboard )

    email: alice@skyangelsairambulance.org.uk

  • How do I renew my adoption?

    That’s great news that you want to continue your support for our air ambulance charity. If you adopted through a direct debit plan then its all automatic for you. Other options are available by contacting us on:-

    0844 318 0999 ( Switchboard )

    email: alice@skyangelsairambulance.org.uk

  • Will I receive updates?

    Basically, only if you want to. Tick the contact options and include the newsletter. This will only be sent out twice per year

  • Do I have to have my name on the 3d model?

    No, you can choose to be anonymous and keep your adoption private

  • My company wishes to adopt Alice, is that possible?

    Of course…your company can have any number of adoption panels from 1-10,000! Your company name can also be placed onto the certificate and 3d model

  • What is your refund policy?

    Under charity law, SkyAngels Air Ambulance is not permitted to refund donations but we do understand there may be instances where it is necessary. For example, if a duplicate adoption has been set-up in error or a credit/debit card has been used fraudulently.

    We only want you to donate if you want to donate….please contact us if you have any questions over your adoption and or donations

    0844 318 0999 ( Switchboard )

    email: alice@skyangelsairambulance.org.uk

  • How do I include a dedication?

    Please send us your dedication by email: alice@skyangelsairambulance.org.uk

    Make sure it is worded correctly and has a maximum of 250 letters, we will do the rest!

  • What about the flight carbon?

    We have teamed up with a Swiss Foundation called myclimate. We offset our flight carbon every time. We also offer our patients the choice to offset their carbon usage on our flights and our airline transfers