SkyAngels Air Ambulance Crew...

Callsign: Polo

David Marks

Callsign: Ginger

Andy Collin
UK Command Ops

Callsign: Jedi

Jed Ingham
UK Command Ops

Callsign: Wings

Ashley Stowell
Medical Director

Callsign: Sticks

Sam Turner
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: Mart

Martin Moseley
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: Kris

Krisztian Kiss
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: Jarro

Emily Jarrott
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: Claud

Claudio Scannaliato
Flight Attendant

Callsign: ---

Alex Miller

Callsign: ---

Janet Trefzer-Hughes

Callsign: Red-Dragon

Isabel Infantes

Callsign: TBA

Nathanael Davidson
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: TJ

Tom James
Medical Tech

Callsign: TBA

George Bell-Starr
Flight Paramedic

Callsign: TBA

Rachael Metheringham:
Flight Nurse

SkyAngels -NHS Air Medical Escort Information

UK internal repatriations between NHS trusts

SkyAngels Air Ambulance COVID-19 updates


SkyAngels Flight Crews Incl:

Flight Attendants:

Medical Technicians:

Flight Nurses:

Flight Paramedics:

Flight Doctors:

Subject to the patients condition, one of our crews will be selected to accompany them on the flight.


Special Assistance:

Preferred Partner Flights through existing regional and international airlines

Special assistance can be offered with wheelchairs and motorised mobility aids.

We cannot transfer stretcher patients on these flights.

Urgent Medical cargo can also be flown, subject to ICAO technical instructions.


SkyAngels RoadJets:

Transport from home to the airport:

Provided by our Preferred Partner Taxis:

Drivers trained by SAAA in Advanced First-Aid:


Linking NHS Trusts By AIR….its a SkyAngels thing!

Please Note: These inter-hospital-home [ bed-bed] flights can only be booked by the NHS. Flights operational in 2021. Thank you...