SkyAngels Bombardier Challenger 601-3R Aircraft

Current UK Fleet: One Aircraft: Planned Fleet: Three Aircraft...

SkyAngels Aircraft Competition

The competition was between the Gulfstream 111/1V and the Bombardier Challenger 600 series of aircraft.

The Challenger won, on many counts:-

Speed: Mach 0.8 cruise, not far short of Supersonic...

Range: 3500nm

Large Cabin: Multiple stretchers and ambulatory patients, escorts, medical crew, life support equipment and medical supplies

Large Payload: Sufficient for up to 8 stretcher patients plus attendants and supplies

Comfortable Ride: Low interior noise level, vibration free, able to fly above the weather

Unpaved Runway Capability: Cleared for unpaved runway operations

Ease of Loading: Large entrance door and wide cabin, facilitate loading and unloading of stretcher patients

Powered Ramp: A European first to equip our jet with a powered loading ramp for stretcher patients

Unrestricted Operations: Low exterior noise levels permit unrestricted operations from noise-sensitive airfields

Dependability: Operators report 99.7% dispatch reliability

Independent Operations: APU provides ground power, air conditioning, and medical power

Cabin Air Conditioning: Separate temperature control for cabin and cockpit

Long Range Communications: Dual HF communications

The number of national forces that use this aircraft type for a wide range of missions including as an air ambulance [Medivac] aircraft.

Listed below:-

Canada: China: Czech Republic: Croatia: South Korea: United States: Germany: Australia: Hungry: Denmark: Switzerland and now the United Kingdom...

Priced at £4M, including all the advanced medical equipment and powered patient loading ramp, makes this aircraft a very flexible platform for the UK.

Our jet will also save the NHS an estimated £2M per year in private ambulance transfers, but we need your support to do this....

SkyAngels Challenger 601-3R

SkyAngles white-tail Challenger 601-3R aircraft waiting for its livery and medical fit at London Oxford Airport [OXF]