SkyAngels Air Ambulance

The United Kingdom's only jet equipped Air Ambulance Charity….1168225

Our Mission….

Flying on behalf of the general public, operating an advanced air transport system those aims are to save lives and help people in distress

To enable the NHS to transfer high dependency patients by air rather than by road, saving time and lives

Fly specialised medical teams and medical cargo, quickly by air

Flying on behalf of NHS requests for FREE….Saving the NHS millions of pounds on these transfers

Undertake international repatriations for British Nationals from 234 Countries by air, road and sea

Road ambulances (RoadJets) can repatriate patients from Europe 24/7


Our Aircraft….

Our Bombardier Challenger Jet costs are very similar to the other UK air ambulances, at around £2M year per aircraft/helicopter

Each jet costs the same as four operational road ambulances per year, or as we prefer to say, we will save the NHS at least the cost of four road ambulances per annum, roughly £2M per annum….

But, to do that we require your help…Support us with a donation today!

The Challenger aircraft is a very flexible platform and will make a great air asset for the UK

Why Did We Choose the Challenger Aircraft?

SkyAngels has choosen this aircraft for our UK operations because the Challenger 601-3R is more like an airliner than a private jet.

Comparable to the Boeing 737, it offers much more cabin space than any similar aircraft. It is quiet, fairly economical, handles well with very low noise and vibration levels.

Patients and medical teams will love the spacious, comfortable cabin with stand-up room and room to "work" on the patient in-flight.

To be exact, the cabin has a width of 8.2 feet and a height of 6.1 feet. It is usually configured to seat between six and nine patients/medical team members, with two-four life-ports [stretchers] but can be configured for as many as nineteen patients, or up to eight stretchers.

There are 115 cubic feet of baggage space available in an internal compartment.

SkyAngels Challenger Aircraft